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Business or job: I will not do the job

“Most young businesses fail because they have employees in the beginning and their overhead increases in the beginning – the lower the costs and the less financial stress you put on yourself, the more you will succeed. The likelihood increases as well –

On the other hand, we see that if we do not have employees, we should do everything ourselves? For bookkeeping, paying bills and other tasks, if you do not have to be yourself, then you have to work more than two to four hours a day, and not everyone has to work twelve to thirteen hours. They say business is not just for everyone.

Coral Ruth recommends young people get out of college and get a job in the industry first, where they can actually learn all the things that are required to run a business, such as how to build relationships with other companies. Go? How Is Product Marketing? How best to deal with different customers and how to keep business records and details

When you are learning things around the world, you can also do some part-time business at a part-time, something that does not go against the interests of the company, for example, in-line selling any jewelry. Work – Part-time work is called “Job Jobbing” … the hobby where people earn money instead of making money.

If you want to get into the business, you need the guidance of some people who can learn your business – build a network where you can find opportunities and get advice from them –

In my opinion, young people should have the courage to start a business, and the first reason is that even if they suffer losses at an early age, they can try many times – second, they lose family status, move on. When it comes to their children’s expenses and home rent and paying bills, they do not have the opportunity to raise their head and age in the job they are hiding –

Young’s can do whatever he wants without getting rid of all kinds of stress, he gets some support from his parents, can give great performances, and whenever he walks in, he can ask anyone. If you do not try to do business as a teenager, then do not try to kill yourself in old age… !!!

Even if you fail in Aruba, you will still learn a lot from your experience and use it in other areas of your life, and in the job interview, I would say that I had formed a company but not a success. But .. I tried

It affects people – I’d love to hire someone who’s learned something by doing his business that many people haven’t had the chance to learn –

Then what is the matter of late? Get up and try hard.

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