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Digital Marketing

Goals of Digital marketing

Every business has different goals. Those are the business to be acquired because it’s not good for you to work with a lot of under pressure. There are many clear ways to improve and support your business in digital marketing. For example, building relationships on social networks, selling your services …

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

You have several options to make your presence in the digital world, such as local listings, websites and social media – if you’ve got these basic options for your business, then you’ve figured out that your business is now available to ordinary people Different from business – Nowadays it is …

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How Search Engines Work

Welcome to this article. In this article we will explain how search engines work. We’ll tell you the basics of how search engines find webpages, what they do with the pages they search for, and how they decide what results to show. When you are using search engine to find …

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How a website works

In this article, we will talk about the basics of websites without going into depth. This conversation is about web servers and domain names, how they do it for you and how they find it when you search for something. Your website is your business office or home on the …

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Search Engine Basics…….. Paid Advertising

We will cover how advertising works on search engines – called SEM, or search engine marketing. We’ll explain why it’s so effective, and how businesses compete with showing ads to each other. Imagine that you live in Cotswold’s, you are out of work and desperate for coffee. You pull up …

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