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Think Like Marketer/ Advertiser

Introduction: War is happening two Generals face to face with their army. A General is one who has better weapons than another General. So can this determine whether the General will win this war with his army? Absolutely not. It is not necessary to have empty weapons and skills to …

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Why Google’s Approach to Search

As you know, Google is a great search engine. But how is that? We will talk about this in this article now. That Google does not take money for itself and for any Search. You know this, but if you owe Google something, they can place you ads. But we …

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Reasons Why Startup Fail

What are the industry types? First of all, what are the industry types? The industry we have chosen is either industry correct or that industry is wrong. Reason Why Startup Fail Wrong Market/ industry Selection Examples: You’re a marketing head, at a commerce company. So there you will realize that …

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The new context of global trade and marketing management

In modern times, nature has given many blessings, but at the same time, we have taken some hardships. Production of medicines has increased enormously. Product has developed differences from the use of automatic machines and advanced types of heavy machines. With the existence of computers and the Internet, global trade …

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