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Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes


Today in this article we will talk about what are the mistakes that you make on social media to promote your business. And they make mistakes, which in turn do not get you the right results. So we will give you a reference to this;


Once someone was invited by a US company, and joined a social media company, they saw that there were a lot of business profile people, who came there when they did the discussion. Gone, and their profile looked, so they were repeating sixty percent of the same mistakes that people repeat here.

What Are Those Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

So what are those mistakes, we will make these discussions for you. So that you do not make these mistakes. And you get good results.

4 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes:

  • Multiple Profiles
  • Irrelevant Posts
  • Be Responsive
  • Regular Posts

First Mistake:

The first mistake they make is that, using a multiple profile, social media has become an integral part of our business. Like Facebook, Instagram, and blogging. But when using these different platforms, what do you guys or people who do not get the results, use a different profile. Somewhere their name is coming from, somewhere the company name is coming from, and somewhere they have created their profile. Never use differential profiles. If you want to get a good branding of your company. You will find very good results. If you use the same brand, keep your phone number one. Keep your email address one, and profile name one.

Second Mistake:

The other is a special point that is to post irrelevant. There are a lot of people who keep posting non-relevant. If you’ve created a specific brand. So when you are branding, and promoting yourself, they sometimes use their business profile. They comment on their business, post it, sometimes they use Islam, they post Islamic. Sometimes they use their politics on it. Which party you are supporting and not the other. So when you have to do a branding, don’t include Islam in it. Don’t include politics in it. Do not include the current conditions in it. Focus Your Business Only And Only.

Third Mistake:

Third, the most important thing is that you always have to be responsive. Because when you post a post, many people say that we are not getting good results. We have posted but no one seems to be benefiting us yet. If you can’t find good results, you wait. Keep your predictions. Many people do not use this website for months after posting, they do not even respond to comments. If a user is asking you a question, please respond to it. Comment it. When you comment, it will also help for other users. Because for many other viewers they are the same questions. That are also coming into their minds.

Fourth Mistake:

The fourth and last thing is to post regularly. Many people make a huge mistake that they forget once they are posted. He posted once, and then he forgot about a month. Then they posted the business, then they forgot again. So when you make regular posts, you will see how much profit you are getting in social media marketing. Make it your own business promotion and take advantage of it to learn from them.


Take a look at the four things we’ve told you so that you can keep them in business promotion. And don’t make these mistakes. Hope you enjoy the good results. First of all, you should not create an irrelevant profile, then do not post spam, do not use your Religion, do not use politics, present. And just and only focus on your post. Third, be very responsive. Please respond to any comments you make. And answer every question.

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