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Digital Marketing Sphere, What is PESO Model


In this article we will discuss how media plays its role in digital marketing. How to create media and the media is the content or the space you adopt.

At present, we will divide the amount of media found in digital marketing into four parts. PESO

  1. Paid Media
  2. Earned Media
  3. Shared Media
  4. Owned Media
  5. Owned Media

The most important of all these things, is owned media. This is what owned media. What comes in owned media, these media are the names of all the things that owned media does. That is, the one you own.

What do you own?

  • You own your domain
  • Your own your website,
  • You own the content that you write, such as creating an article.
  • You own the video you created.

Or the things you make that way, whether it’s your pictures, videos, it’s all yours. And most importantly this is the content. That whenever you want this content, you promote it. You have to bring traffic to the top of this content. Because you own it.

  1. Paid Media

When you have to promote it, you can promote it by paying. So the more media you get by paying, the more traffic you get. This is calculated in the paid media. As you say I have created a web site, now I come up fast. So you can start taking traffic right away. So the traffic you start to pick up will be called paid media under your paid media.

  1. Earned Media

Then you have to do another thing that if you make owned media good, if you make article good, if you make video good, then it can be earned. For which you were paying. So how can one be earned?

How can one be earned?

We mentioned earlier that if you are a viral media, this is a form of earned media in which what you do is, that you earn those media feedback. From the channels that help you grow. As you have done a great job, the media will give you coverage, articles will be written on you. You will have interviews. These are the things you don’t pay for, but people promote you. So you have to understand that as good as your earned media is, it is helping people, if it is benefiting people. So people will help you to grow, viral it. They will also promote it. And will share. Then comes the shared media, similar to the earned media, it is substantially similar to the earned media. People in the media mostly talk about PR. PR means Public Relations, or Publicity.

What is publicity?

If your company has done a good job, so the media gave coverage, the newspapers wrote about you, you were interviewed. So you earned all these things. Social media is also the name of the same thing, but social media’s dependency on social channels. Whoever made the content, it went viral on social channels. It could be a picture, it could be a video of you, and someone might be expecting your website. So these are the three mediums, they depend on the fourth medium. This is called owned media.

  1. Shared Media

If you do not own this media, you will flip to paid and shared media. Most people think that just by creating a Facebook page, they can run their business. She is an example of shared media. It’s also a problem, what’s in it is that if you create a Facebook page, that’s good. It’s not a good idea to create a Facebook page, but just a Facebook page. You will only depend on the Facebook page, and if Facebook closes your page tomorrow, you will lose all media. You should bring this traffic to your website if you have created any traffic from this shared media, namely Facebook or any other social media. So you can track them and convert them to your owned media.

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