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Digital Technology and Our Kids Nowadays

The baby was the first day in the playgroup. When he returned home, his mother asked in a loud and affectionate tone how the princess spent her first day at school. “It was a very boring day.” The baby answered with a grin. “The Wi-Fi connection at school wasn’t working as well.” These are the children of today, who are being raised in homes with computers, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices. When these children are left in the atmosphere of the school, they search for their minds there. Instead of engaging in education, they find friends in the school whose interests and interests are compatible with them. As they grow, their circle of companions is also expanding in the same sphere. So those who bring the home environment with them to school not only look for it in school, but it is also strengthened.

Does Technology affect child behavior?

They say that the lap of the mother is the child’s first lesson, so it begins with her training, which is where the work of the future building begins. So whatever material is in use, the building will be built on it. The responsibility of the building’s sustainability or sustainability or of the current and lasting responsibilities of the building is laid upon the early architects (parents). Just look around you know how the foundations of our future generations are being laid. Looking back over the last few decades, it is clear that in the 1980s, parents used to silence children with scolding, replaced by scalp and chocolate in the nineteenth century. Seek help from when the baby starts crying, the parents do not have a moment of opportunity to know the reasons for crying, and immediately hold the child’s mobile phone. At present, the child is not able to go to school knowing that he has to turn on a mobile phone, watch a cartoon, play a video game and even use the Internet connection and Blue Tooth. And then leave, they have gone beyond parenting skills. Just installed some unnecessary programs from mobile phones in the past. Some shortcuts were left on the screen. Tried to eliminate them but did not succeed. Ask for help from one of my Expert friends but he also failed. When he got home, he asked the child to remove the shortcut, he finished the program’s shortcuts in seconds.

Positive affect of Digital Technology on Youth

Unfortunately, in the present era, parents have taken up raising children and training them. These responsibilities are entrusted with technology and electrical equipment. Even though they know that both their positive and negative effects are equal. Sit the kids for homework and keep an eye on the cartoon and tell them to just watch it for a few minutes. Send in for a work out game on a mobile phone – come home, fight the kids … If you find out why this is the reason for the fight, ask a friend about his children. He proudly says that we do not allow children to play in the street. There are cables, laptops and internet facilities in the house, playing with them at home. We have put children in the name of technology in such a way that it is impossible to escape. Initially, small games and cartoons continue to satisfy their fondness for growing up online, playing and playing games. Parents are satisfied that the child plays at home. In view of all these facts and the dangers that arise from them, today’s parents are under heavy responsibility not to make children accustomed to the latest technology because the positive effects of technology as well as the negative effects are the same.

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