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Evolution of Digital Marketing

Marketing Advertising is the name to do. Marketing is a cell. Sponsorship is the name for marketing events. Whenever you ask anyone, tell me what the marketing is really about. So he will give you a list that is the name of the marketing thing I think. Today’s marketing takes time to get here. We call this time the evolution process. In this article we will tell you how Evolution of Marketing took place, or the seven periods or the seven secrets through which marketing reached it. And going into their data, we’ll talk about this with examples.

  • What was that marketing?
  • What is marketing now?

So first of all let’s talk about the first time,

Trade Era

Within the trade era, there were no machines. No automation was visible. People went to work in non-factories. So what did people do? If you’ve heard the name of the barter system, like I have cotton, you have wheat. So let’s exchange it and see. So the marketing name within this era was exploration. See what the other guy is making, which can be of benefit to me. This is the period in which we also invented gas, in which humanity also invented oil.

So in that time it was called marketing exploration.

Production Era 1860-1910

Now come the second era, which we call the production era, you know about it, it started from 1860-1910.

Within this period, there were factories, machines, people started going to the factory. We often see people going to factories and packing wrappers of chips. It happened in the same period, or started in that period So what was the marketing focus? What was the marketing focus within the production? That the production efficiency should be increased. The man, the worker who is packing within eight packets a day, has to increase his / her efficiency within 8 to 15 minutes. And the marketing was focusing on that.

Sales Era (1920- 1930)

The third era that came after the Era of this production is what we call the Sales Era. After sales, production took place, marketing focused on it. Now that the production is ready, we need a sales person to sell it. So the marketing was renamed, selling. You used to hire good sales people. Tell them the details about the products. Then they sell these products in the market.

Marketing Era (1940-1950)

During this period, marketers realized that selling and producing is not just marketing. We should also pay attention to branding. We should also create ads, we should create brochures. You have often seen that if a pizza shop opens within your local area, you get a pamphlet at home. It says, Buy 1 Get 1 free, it’s called Marketing. It started within that period. So marketing is called brand development.

Marketing Company (1960-1990)

If we go ahead with this, the marketing company comes forward. That marketing company.

In this era, production people, sales people, and brand development people are sitting at a table together. And they decided, if our company wants Best Profitability, we have to work together.

Relationship Era (1990-2000)

As soon as the company started working together, they realized that since the customer had so many options, it would not work for just branding or selling. So what would work? Decided to build a relationship with the customer and lend a hand to the customer so they can become your long term customer.

Social Media Marketing Era ( 2000- present)

And then came the social media marketing era. What is the Social Media Marketing Era? This is where we or you are currently breathing. From 2010 to the present, when digital technologies became commonplace. So the companies saw that the relationship we now have to make through digital. That is, customers often see us spending more time on social media, Facebook. So the companies decided to go advertising on Facebook or YouTube. And build relationships with the customer. Through which our profitability will be increased.

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