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Google and the Ability to Think

Nature created man as his best creation. It has an infinite number of capabilities. The human being is the person who hit the ground on his birth and forced his angels to lower their gaze to the angels who called it unnecessary. Thus, the first proof of being a vice-god lay before the universe. ۔ Humans have always come into the world not only expressing their dedication but also their iron. Humans have always used well-known and available facilities to further enhance and promote these values. As the inventions and discoveries increased, man’s ability to think and understand also increased. Human history to this day is a testimony to the fact that man has stepped on the shoulders of the past and has looked into the future. It is not bad to take advantage of facilities if caution is exercised in their use.

What Happened when human invented the alphabet

When humans invented the alphabet centuries ago, many people still have the opinion that it will impair memory and thinking ability. So what happened? Nevertheless, the human being has gone from strength to strength to memorizing his writing as well as to his memory. Even though there are people around us who are illiterate, their memory is strong. But the memory of educated people has no place. Numerous words, events, examples, quotes, and different things make the listener feel lost. So it can be said with certainty that a facility like Google does not endanger or enhance humankind. Is. But the condition is that its use is balanced.

When printing presses and textbooks became human hands, the ability to understand human thinking should have been lost, but history testifies that this has not happened at all. Learn to devote your energy and time. News, magazines and the like and writing material captures the capabilities of a human being. But if it can be said that it hurts a person’s mental abilities, then this is totally wrong. Because if that were the case, today’s man would have forgotten his memory. But it didn’t. It won’t happen, the same thing applies with Google.

Bad effects of assumptions

If these assumptions had such a bad effect on the memory, diarrhea could not understand what had happened at that time in the diaries written over the years. While many people have been able to write books after many years with these gestures and references. In fact, these assists are helpful to humans and give them the flexibility and flexibility to do their job. Although it is not surprising that Google is overly affected by excessive users, it does happen to every user. But in this case, the user, not the facilitator, will be blamed.

At present, no human being can deny the usefulness or convenience of Google or the Net. Today Google is a fact that must be acknowledged. Google’s use of misleading can adversely affect one’s ability to think and to think, thus causing the person to use Google improperly. And it will not be blamed once again on Google, which does not balance its use. Without balance, good things like worship can be harmful. What is new is if Google gets it. If science has given so much information to humans then it is the fault of the human being if he uses that information incorrectly. And if this knowledge is used for the betterment of man then it is nothing short of a blessing for a human being, but its bad use also makes it a nuisance to man.

Benefits and disadvantages of Google

The ease with which Google gives us access to information is nothing short of amazing. It’s one of the wonders of science. Just as the rest of the scientific stuff is factual and their utility is Muslim, so is the utility of the Net or Google as one of today’s stable facts. The benefit or disadvantage of it depends on its usage and use.

If Google were to be abandoned today, we would go back centuries and never come back. So talking against Google in this era is a thing that takes people back to the cave of time, to which no one can be prepared.

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