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How do we delete all the personal information that Google has?

Google knows what you’re looking for, what interests you, what website you use. ‘You trust us by providing your personal information with us when you use Google’

The first line of Google’s code of conduct describes what users in the world’s most popular search engine can expect. But many users are not aware that by using a function called ‘My Activity’ they can delete any of their personal information from Google.

Here we will tell you about them.

1) Delete all searches done on Google

When you search any website on Google, it connects to your account. Whether you do any form on the Internet or check your email on Google, all those things are included in the ‘My Activity’ record. You can customize it to search for different things at different times and delete all the search queries from there if you like. Google will send you a warning message when doing so, but in fact deleting all the information will not hurt.

2) Erase all your information on YouTube

Google, like its search engine, keeps all of its users’ information on YouTube, but it’s easy to delete it too. First click ‘History’ in the left-hand menu and click on ‘Clear All Search History’.

3) How do you delete all the information that advertising companies have about you?

Not only does Google have all the information about you, it also provides all this information to advertising companies. This is why you often see that you are seeing the ads you are looking for. But this is not a big deal as you can find out what information Google is giving to these companies. To find out, go to your Google Account and go to the ‘Personal Info & Privacy’ box. There, click on the ‘Ad Settings’ option and click on ‘Manage Ad Settings’. There you will see the ‘Add Personalization’ option that you can turn off, and then you will not see ads related to what you search on Google.

4) Delete your Google location information

If you use an Android phone, Google has a list of all the places you’ve been with your phone. To delete all this information, go to the Google Map page and select ‘Location Tracking’ and delete all your hosts from there.

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