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How much can you earn from a website?

If you have been working in a field for a long time, you must have plenty of experience. This means that you have knowledge of everything, every aspect of the area, and you can give someone useful, practical advice. As I am doing, I have a lot of experience in business, marketing, etc. and am sharing it.

You can start a similar website and earn good money through Google Advertising or Affiliate Marketing. Similarly, you can sell different products, services, and services on your site. Thousands of Pakistanis are earning millions through websites, and the exciting thing is that there is very little competition in this field right now. Which means you can get into this buzzword with Asian.

Creating a website costs little, you can build a good website for about 10 to 15 thousand rupees. But then it takes a lot of time to write articles and do SEO, SEM.

As far as making money from the website, it all depends on the following factors.

1: SEO, SEM,

2: Keyword Research

3: Content Marketing

4: Social Media Marketing

If you want to have a successful website, the above four factors must be learned in practice from A to Y. Until you learn these things practically, you will very rarely succeed in this business. You can quickly learn these four factors from Brian Dean’s website.

But unfortunately, Brian Dean’s articles are in English. In the coming days, I will share these things myself, and you will learn everything from here. The fun of the website business is that you can get your job, a job, and also earn a good income from the website. The other exciting thing is that the salary will increase with the passage of time.

Generally, a well-built website can give you anywhere from 20,000 to millions of income a month, provided you keep the above four factors in mind.

Business Ideas Number (6) – Software House:

As I mentioned above, the trend of making money from the website or internet is new in Pakistan, and so is the direction of creating software for computers, mobiles, web, IT and so on.

To start this business, you must first hire people who specialize in software development.

In the beginning, two people would be appropriate, as well as you would need 1 or 2 more people who you could find a customer for the business so you could do business with them.

Nowadays, software houses are making a lot of money because there is less competition in the market and less knowledge of the product to the customer, which is why software houses are receiving the asking price.

You can start a small software house at 1 million provided that your software makers have their own heavy-duty computer. If this is not the case, then you have to invest at least 4 to 8 lakh. In both cases, I have commissioned 18,000 deposit of the primary salary software makers while the salary of the servant who is looking for the customer is 12,000 plus commission, while the rest of the money is rent and simple office furniture, etc.

This business requires you to either get small clients regularly in the early days to keep your total spend + profit out of the month or to get relatively large projects (2 or 3 a month). Keep your business up to date. It is essential that the person you hire to find clients is an expert in this work, and they have the experience of winning a tender or contract for relatively large projects.

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