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How Search Engines Work

Welcome to this article. In this article we will explain how search engines work. We’ll tell you the basics of how search engines find webpages, what they do with the pages they search for, and how they decide what results to show. When you are using search engine to find the nearest coffee shop, you may not be thinking about search engine technology. But you will be surprised later, how did he do it? How did it get set up across the Internet so quickly?

Every search engine uses its own software programs, but the way they work is the same for all search engines. They perform all three tasks: First, they examine the content that comes from reading the pages of websites but only search the pages of the search engine websites that read the pages. Sites allow them (calling this work “crawling”). Second, they categorize each piece of content (called indexing”). The computer program uses “bots” (short for robots), “crawlers” or “spiders” to pave the way for every search engine page.

How did you select the results you see on the page?

Bots jump from one page to another, following links to pages on websites. These bots never stop their sole purpose being to redirect new links and new content to these pages and add them to the index – indexing is the second part of the search engine process. The index is a great list of content found on all webpages and bots. Search engines use this index as the source of information displayed on search results pages. But bots don’t put everything they find on the pages of websites into the search engine index. For example, search engines can find multiple copies of exact pieces of articles on different websites.

You may be wondering how this is happen.

Imagine that you are not looking for a coffee shop, but rather a coffee maker. The word “King of Coffee 2000” is the top accent on a large number of retailers’ websites. These specific terms may have been provided by a coffee machine manufacturer, but now the search engine has to decide which version to put in the index? Hundreds of identical copies do not need to be indexed, so it is not possible to include every page or every website in the index.

So if you have a website where every coffee maker is selling machines, you should change the description of the “Coffee King 2000” machine to sell it so that it is separated from the others and Put your website in the search engine index –

Crawling and Indexing Process

The search engine will cover the crawling and indexing process so you will automatically know the ranking process – when you type something to look up, the search engine compares these words and phrases to your index. I do this with the words and phrases that will bring you similar results, but the question here is, if the search engine finds 230 million results that are similar to your search, what will it bring to you? So for this purpose the search engine will rank the last part of its work.

The way that search engines rank these pages is their biggest secret. This is their “special gourmand.” There are hundreds of ways in which search engines rank these websites, but most of this ranking depends on the words on the pages of those websites, the things it links to, the number of other websites that have pages on this website. Is added and the content of the website is up-to-date and unique.

What formula they use to determine the rank, the purpose remains the same: what the searcher is looking for. Try to associate it with what’s in your index.

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