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How To Sell Products Online

By selling online products in the world, people earn millions a month, online shopping is a multi-crore industry. If you want to sell products online, take special care of product quality and packing. Be sure to opt for cash on delivery as people are more cautious about fraud in online shopping, you will not be able to sell as long as the product is good enough to satisfy the customer.

If you are afraid the product will be returned or not received and you will have to pay delivery charges, don’t worry because there will be some hassle and loss in selling the product and making a name inside the market.

In the money that is made on YouTube, users actually make their content in the form of a video and give it to YouTube and YouTube users pay a certain amount to the user if they watch or like the content more.

Google AdSense account to make this payment. So the following terms are required to make money from your videos:

1-The videos do not contain a photo of a beast.

2-The video does not promote any unlawful and illegal things.

3- The video does not contain copyright.

4- I do not have to deal with any interest or fraudulent money to collect or pay.

5- Nonverbal ads that contain lifelike images or otherwise do not run on this channel.

If the channel can be operated on the basis of these conditions then its earnings will be valid. To our knowledge, channeling such a channel on YouTube is almost impossible at the present time, because even if these conditions are met, the YouTube administration will automatically run ads on the channel, which are available in different countries and regions. , Which includes many non-Sharia ads, so avoid making a channel on YouTube by earning it.

Facebook Links with Google AdSense Account

Facebook tracks every action you take on its platform, whether you like a photo or comment on a post, this social media site saves it. You can easily view this by going to your Activity Log. But not only does Facebook keep track of your activity on a post or page, it also closely tracks every aspect of your particular search habits.

Set Your Privacy on Google AdSense Account

Facebook, like Google, keeps a record of every search on its platform. The reason for storing it is the same as Google, to help you know what kind of information you would like to receive and help you find it next time. For example, if you search for your wow page in the search, the next time you type the word A, this page will appear for a visit.

Facebook’s privacy setting limits this search history to the user, but most people log into the Facebook account from both their phone and computer. That is, if a Facebook account is logged in to someone’s hand device, they can easily find out about your browsing habits. Fortunately you can easily clear your search history. First, with the mouse click on the Facebook search bar, you will see a list of recent searches while the Edit option at the top is on the right. When your History page opens, you can delete specific sources by clicking the circle icon on their side, or clearing everything from the Clear Search option in the top right.

Facebook has stored everything you have on your site such as your old messages, status updates, photos and changes to your personal information. In fact, it’s a huge database of information that lets you track the various changes in your life that have come into your mind since you first logged into this social network.

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