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How useful, how dangerous, is the use of Facebook?

Generally, nothing is good or evil per se, but it’s good and evil depend on its good or bad use. While this code of conduct is current and practicable in the world’s ordinary, the world of social media, including Facebook, is no exception. If both of them are used properly we can say that preaching is the best source of Islam, Reform society, righteous commentary, good faith, counseling, meditation, affirmation and compliance, which are connected to the whole world. And the work done over the years but over the years can be done through them. One click and a few hours of consumption can open a flower that no one had ever imagined. This claim could be cited as an example of a revolution in Egypt in the near future, with Facebook primarily involved in the role. Collected. In whose form did the great and revolutionary results appear? The whole world saw it with his own eyes. Earth has been the victim of absolute monopoly Egypt’s entire history. Isn’t Facebook the magic of magic? That is why a man there named his child’s name on Facebook.

What Is The Danger Of Using Facebook?

This was a positive aspect, and if that is the case, then history has seen that Facebook has also destroyed thousands of homes, got divorced and gotten acquainted. Modern-age spouses have been mutual chatting for a while with fake IDs, and finally one day when the two arrived at the hotel for a meeting, they looked at each other and were stunned to remember their own misconduct of porn chatting and then they divorced her forever and then divorced her forever. Many times the same situation arose between the father and daughter, and where the father regrets his black deeds, his daughter’s character remained unchanged while the girl could not survive on this father’s plot. ۔

Does Social Media Help our Society?

Raqqa Al-Astor was just writing an article under review that Facebook suffered a major injury. It happened that a friend reported on the phone that he had checked his profile name on FB and had hacked the password and replaced “Khalid Ayub Misbahi” instead of “Khalid Ayub Misbahi Hindu”. I was surprised. More surprising was the fact that when editing the law, it was found that once the profile name was edited, no amendments could be made before sixty days. There is no slowdown, no movement. These same myths were shared with several other friends and with each one it was just that the word “Hindu” was added at the end of the name.

The country has suffered many times as a result of such blatant acts on Facebook, but the naughty elements seem compelled by their nature. In this regard, the market for temptation and corruption is heating up every day, and the ill-fated mentality of a class is not to be stopped.

How can you Stay Safe on Facebook

Facebook is not a very old invention, but if you look at the history of this new invention only a few years, then there will be hundreds of thousands of events, references, while almost the same is the case with other social sites. So much so that Facebook stayed in more churches on the basis of its relative conservatism and immense popularity, and other sites could not attain that status. While the Facebook app has been in place since then, it has gained extraordinary popularity, just like Facebook. And the main reason for this happening is the convenience of this site. But its general history is almost always repeating the same history that Facebook records. The loss of time, the wasting of money, the war of ideas and the pursuit of evils, are seen as obvious disadvantages.

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