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Marketing Skills for Non-Technical


Shahid Afridi, even if you give him a laundry bat, he will be hit with it too. What is the reason, how can one hit the laundry bed? Because of this, he has the skills to hit sixes. That means he has the skills. So you also know where you have to take the job freelancing, it also knows which of these jobs are very trendy. On which you have to build your skills. But within this article we will tell you what those skills and skills are, which, by learning, can greatly benefit you. And learning it is very important for you.

Community Management:

First and the very important skill is community management. This means managing a group that is, managing a community. Now, like a camera company, it has a community. Like a community of two million people. How do you know, a community of two million people that they belong to this camera maker? Because its Facebook page has two million likes. There are two million people who regularly follow the company. We also follow what he says. And wait, when that company shares new contact with new, at the top of its Facebook page. Now as a freelancer, you have a great responsibility, to manage this community, that is, you are the representative of this company. The company will tell you, we have now posted this item on Facebook, and you will have to manage it.

Posting Skills

That’s the next part, posting scales. Posting scales is not the job of every human being. The most frequent request for posting scales is that you are organized. You should know when I post, and who will benefit.


What do you see from advertising, what does it mean, whether it is just TV ads. No, advertising skills mean, that you search for, how products similar to your clients are booked on the Internet. How are their ads? Now if you have advertising on YouTube, that’s different. Now if you have advertising on Facebook, they are different. So you should have Skills, Advertising Skills for all this platform.


That means sales. You must have selling skills. If you are a good sales person in your real life, you can transfer these skills digitally.

Performance Measurements

A lot of digital marketers forget that we have to measure what we are doing. So measurements are a very important part of our lives. So our suggestion to you is that you should always have performance Measurement skills. So that the client can find out what you are working for, what its importance is, how you are measuring it.

Client Dealing

Client dealing is, in fact, the name of a code of conduct. If you know how to talk to a client, if you know how to improve myself by taking client feedback. Then you will become a very good Digital Marketer in the Freelancing World.

Ad Creation

If we go ahead, it comes Ad Creation. This counts within posting and advertising. In it we mix it. But there are different types of skills.

How to create Blog:

Blogs are those informally manage webpage or websites that post content about similar type of ideas and topics. This is what we talked about on Facebook a while back, when we were talking about community management. No, Facebook is a pre-designed platform, provided to you. You have different types of companies available. While blogs are websites that the company builds for its readers, and shares content on top of it. The reader who goes and sees it. Now as a Digital Marketing Free Lancer, it is your responsibility to create a blog. And you have to learn the skills that how to create a blog, where to create it, and what to post on it. So that more people can read it and the company will benefit from it.

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