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Power of Digital Marketing


In this article we will read today,

  • What is the power of digital marketing?
  • Why are companies getting so timid about using it?


First we give you a scenario, and this is your own scenario, that if you are working at a company, and you are a salesman there, your manager comes, and you It says listen to me, within the next half hour you have to do the research, and I have to tell, will people like this new restaurant we are opening? And will people be willing to pay for it?

Now you have 3 different options. Which you have to think.

  1. What is the first option, that you will bring five to six people to the market, sit them down, ask them what kind of food you like, and how much you will pay for our new restaurant.
  2. Then the second option is, you have to see that you are a friend of one who works in the restaurant industry. You would call him, and ask him, my promotion is stuck, tell me what kind of food would a customer like to run at our restaurant? And what kind of prize they need.
  3. The third thing is, get the most heat out of who you are, and go to the market and ask different people what your manager has asked you.

We’ll tell you the answer at the end of this article.

Now let’s look at some statistic. In the world we live in, there are seven and a half billion people. And out of the seven and a half billion people, there are 3.7 people connected to the Internet of Things. And two out of the seven billion are those who use social media daily. But we are currently using mobile phone technology. So is social media the same as the number of users on mobile? There are currently 4.9 billion mobile phone users in the world. Twenty-two billion people are currently using social media or digital platforms using mobile technology. Here is the scope. That is, the size of the people who can become your potential customer. So what are the benefits of digital marketing, through which we will judge, what is the power of digital marketing.

Global Reach

First comes the Global Reach. There is such a big world, in which so many people are connected to digital marketing. So in order to get your company message across, just one click is needed. And your message will reach others.

Personalized Marketing:

Then comes Personalized Marketing. That is, if you like a half-sleeved shirt, the company can select, if you are watching a video sitting on Facebook, how you should show a half-shirt ad, so that you can find it on our website. Come and buy something.

Customer Engagement

Third comes customer engagement. Engaging a customer, meaning the customer is watching their website, or watching a video on YouTube, so what can you do or make some advertising, or some kind of marketing, that the customer is English? The customer should answer the question to you. If the customer answers your question, your connection will be made. The connection you make will become a relationship.

Content Variety

It used to be yellow, that you have to advertise on TV. So he had to collect the goods for production. Then comes the production process. Then there will be the shooting, and then there will be an ad, which will be played on TV. Nowadays if you need to update your ad, advertising. So it is not needed. You can deliver up to 30 different content users within thirty days of the month. So the power of diversity of content is given by digital marketing.

Sales Conversation

After that, when the customer becomes Engaged, the relationship has also become, the customer has seen your content, then what comes next, you can sell inside the cell using digital marketing.

Cost Reduction

And then comes the end, the cost reduction. The advantage of using it the most in marketing is, because of the cost of the cast, the cast is very low.

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