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Search Engine Basics…….. Paid Advertising

We will cover how advertising works on search engines – called SEM, or search engine marketing. We’ll explain why it’s so effective, and how businesses compete with showing ads to each other.

Imagine that you live in Cotswold’s, you are out of work and desperate for coffee. You pull up your mobile and search for ‘Coffee Shop Cotswold’.

Now you have a page full of different options to consider. A map of every city on the page where Cotswold’s is available, Cotswold’s ads, and the actual search results – all of which offer different options.

How to Advertise Your Page

Some of these results are chosen by the search engine’s actual formula. These are the pages that search engines have searched the most for relevant web pages. The second part of the search engine’s search page is advertising.

If you take a moment to compare the ads you see in a print magazine and the ads you see in search engines, you’ll notice a big difference between the two. Every ad in search engines is a coffee shop.

And in that you don’t see ads for irrelevant things, and interestingly, the ads are just like real results. And it’s all designed by, and this is what makes paid advertising effective.

The most important thing a search engine does is to give people what they are looking for, and the same principle applies to advertising. The ads you see complement the search results page with the ultimate goal of helping a searcher find what they are looking for.

How Do Search Engines Do Advertising?

There are several models. Let’s look at a popular option, text ads that you see on search engine results pages. This means that each time everyone searches for something in the search engines, the advertiser competes for the opportunity to show ads. And it happens in a few milliseconds and the searcher doesn’t see the details. The details are visible only to the advertiser winner.

How do search engines decide who to win?

The answer is that the basic components of winning are bid and quality. When an ad is clicked. If someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged with the bid he or she has applied for the ad, or sometimes less than the bid.

So, if an advertiser bids $ 2 for a keyword, they’ll only pay that much for a click on the ad. If an ad appears on a page but no one clicks on it, then the advertiser will not have to pay anything.

More precisely, the amount of bids depends on the value of the keyword in the business but is determined by each advertiser themselves. Some advertisers agree to bid $ 50 for keywords. Other advertisers are only willing to bid $ 10 for the same word.

The bid amount is separate for each business and for each word. But the importance of bid money is important in its place but the quality of the website is important too.

Winning auctions does not always depend on the highest bidder, but rather the search engines display the ads and the keywords purchased as a result of the search term when they enter the ad and the purchased word for the search term. With strong relevance and even content within the website containing the content being searched, it is possible that search engines may place a relevant ad higher on the search results page, even with a lower bid.

For example, if your website is property related and the ad or keywords you paid for your website are completely related, then the search engine will never show your site to a full searcher. No matter how much you pay. To sum up, paid advertising is another way to promote your products and services on search engine results pages. With a well-built advertising campaign, you can reach customers precisely the moment they are looking for something similar to what you have to offer.

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