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SMS marketing and its benefits

The digital marketing world has evolved rapidly over the past decade. Now there are more ways to reach potential customers. But to be honest, some methods are more effective than others.

Believe it or not, mobile marketing has really grown to become one of the most effective forms of advertising. Instead of investing in the global population, smartphone addiction has grown, brands are already using mobile messaging to engage super fans in loads of new and innovative ways.

When you write to a customer through an SMS marketing campaign, there are some amazing results.

The benefits of SMS text marketing

Extension Reach

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, there are about 7 billion active mobile subscribers worldwide. This compares to just 2.5 billion email users, and SMS marketing easily trumps the more traditional methods of email marketing.

In addition to having inaccessible access, the text is also likely to provide guidance to engage users. About 98% of texts are open, and 90% read within three minutes. Why not be hard to see. Researchers at IDC and Facebook say their phones range from 24 days to 24 hours, ranging from 10 to eight (PDF) ages 18 to 44.

By saying that, mobile SMS marketing is the only easy way to reach your target audience – no matter what industry you work in.

High response rates

SMS marketing produces a much higher response rate. Last month, your average, the run-of-the-mill retail business saw an email click through rate of just three percent.

So when it comes to traditional print and email response rates, SMS marketing is flying high.

According to eMarketer researchers, consumers are ten times more likely to receive a brand offered through a traditional print coupon vs. mobile. In recent year’s mobile coupons are more than three times the number of users, with approximately 54 million users offering SMS every year.

Customer retention and reselling.

After all, connecting with your existing customer base and turning them into brand super fans will increase extraordinary revenue. According to Perco’s theory, about 80% of the output from any given scene is from only 20% of the output.

So how does this apply to SMS marketing? Simple. By working on adding a small, core group of users, you have to take advantage of their loyalty to re-create and sell reliable, repeat customers.


By moving forward and planning a talented marketing firm, customers can find an instant answer to maximize smoking by participating in your campaign using short codes.

  • As a result, small business owners may spend less time freighting on advertising.
  • Cost effects and increasing savings
  • Not only are SMS marketing messages picking up, nor are they more cost-effective.

For $ 1, marketing professionals like TTT180 can deliver up to 500 custom messages to your company’s built-in community. Not only the cost will you need to find for a standard email campaign. But your odds of success are increasing tremendously.

Mobile SMS marketing messages are generated four times the open rate of normal email marketing and ten times the response rate. This means that each of your SMS marketing campaigns will have long-term savings and maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

I have a highly targeted tractable campaign.

The mobile SMS marketing campaign will also give you access to a world of useful targeting mechanisms and valuable analytics tools.

By organizing these specific groups, you are free to notify individual SMS marketing messages that are specific to the interests of the individual.

After any standard point of sale system, mobile coupons can be stopped and offered redemption. Likewise, built-in analytics can track the click-through rate of smartphones and later on user journeys. This means that the success of every text will be released, so it’s very easy.

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