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The use of Digital media that we could not use

On digital media we must work towards our goal, taking care of our ethics. Avoid spamming. Use digital media positively. Keep an eye on those around you that no one else needs. Digital media is also an important tool in spoiling and improving society. There is a lot we can do to make the best use of it.

We all know that an individual is a digital animal and that individuals are the unit of society. Only if we know ourselves can we, together with people like us in the community, provide a sound platform for our voice. To convey the truth to others. Can guide the general community directly. We try not to hurt anybody. Become a flower that gives even its breaker, a person who has great power and does not have any regard for himself unless some other people are his close friends and relatives of his neighbor.

This man needs to wrap up and take away his suffering today. Everyone comes into this world with a lot of creativity and some people own innumerable abilities provided that their abilities are highlighted. They should be dealt with in a positive way by acting in a positive way.

Digital media or my personal responsibilities

We have a lot of good things to do. There are a number of features that we can use and do a lot. I’d like to see you. I have to talk to myself. How do I react to this changing situation? I want to know my opinion.

The same Hazrat man is destined to destroy the slums of the slums by making them the deadliest weapon to destroy humans. Ending races are destroying settlements, human beings like ourselves are being erased from the page.

And we’re not doing anything except sorry. It’s all happening and happening, but here’s to thinking about how we played a role in the whole situation. Most are young people who do not even know about all these situations. Then there are those who know that they changed their profile DP and posted a couple of posts as if they were paid. But there are many people who regularly raise their voice through digital media. The fact is that as a Muslim nation, we should have played an active role for Muslims all over the world. Our media should work on this issue rather than adopt policy and if no one does, then at least we have the power of digital media and on this we can and should raise our effective voice. At this time, digital media is a great platform for us and it can be a positive use internationally.

     Correct Use of Digital Media

If we look at the international scenario, we find that Kashmir is the most important part of our lives. These days, the Modi government has broken all previous records. Bangladesh, which is being monitored by the same India, is being thrown into the fire of secularism. The man who underwent a complete withdrawal of the US military in Afghanistan, was now a different voice for Afghan diplomatic relations. Jordan-Palestine Egypt Turkey is currently in the grip of colonial conspiracies. The situation in Syria itself is not hidden from anyone. Russian aircraft are deliberately launching aerial attacks on schools, colleges, and medical centers, urban populations, with clear and clear massacres. A journalist in Aleppo says that Bashar al-Assad’s government is either killing or harassing those who have emigrated from the country. At present, the Iranian government has also been under the guise of the US and Russia.

So in the world, apathy, chaos and selfishness are growing and growing. We are witnessing the humiliation of humanity every day. The humiliation of this man increased so much that it is now difficult to understand what a man’s honor is.

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