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Types of Facebook pages and their importance

Let’s talk about the types of Facebook pages and why they are important to us.

When you set up your page, you will need to select a category. Do you work for a plumbing service? Or have your shoe store? Or do you have a hotel? The main reason for choosing the category is that people will see it on your page. For example, if you have a travel agency, this would be called “Travel Company” here.

This category also helps Facebook build your page template so that information about your business is put into your page the way your users would like it to be. e.g., if you have an e-commerce website, no one will need a landing address for your store. But if you’re creating up a page for a local hotel, they’ll also find your restaurant’s ground address – so use the options and choose the one that best describes your functions. ۔

Don’t worry too much about choosing the accurate category anyway. You can change this later if you need to. And, you can also change the pictures you add to your Facebook Business Page. Go to Settings in the upper right corner of your screen. From this option choose on the left side, choose the Edit tab on the page. And, under Templates, click Edit. To change the original category of your page, click the tab on the left, then go to the General section and select on the next category edit, and now you know the basics of category in the Facebook page.

Name the Facebook Page

Each fee bill page requires a name. People with this name search for you. And of course, you want people to find you.

Let’s talk about the name of your Facebook page. When you set up your page, you need to name it. Here I have a useful tip for you and don’t worry too much about it. I suggest you use your business name for your page. For example

If the store or website on your ground address is named Khalid Super Store, name your page as Khalid Super Store. If you are a doctor, you can give your clinic or hospital the name of your page or use the name that your patient remembers for the clinic or hospital you go to for your practice. Your page name can’t be what anyone else has. If someone has already named your page, you will be prompted to enter another name.

Now, there is always the possibility that you will need to rename your page. Sometimes this happens when your business grows. Or we say that when you are setting up your page you should choose a wrong name, such as when you spell your business name. So sometimes this is how it is. So go to about to change the wrong name, then name and then edit.

Page Name

Remember that you have to approve your page name. Don’t be afraid I’m not talking about FBR approval, but I am talking about approval from the Facebook administration and this is not a difficult task, and now you know the basics of the Facebook Business Page name. The good thing is that if you haven’t created your business page yet, name your business page left and your page now. Keep reading our article for more tips.

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