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Website Name and Basic Elements Of The Website

In this article we will talk about the basic decisions you need to make about your website before you create it:

In today’s article, we have learned the following:

Choosing the name of your website and planning how your site is structured. The purpose of this is to give users easy access to your website so that they can easily and easily navigate around your website and easily find what they need. Because having a happy customer can lead to more successful business –

Strengthen your online presence

So first let’s talk about your domain name which people will find online by typing in the browser.


When you select a domain name, you first need to check if the name you want is also available. For example, there can only be one alardh.com on the Web, and if someone has already got that name, you won’t be able to use it. The question is how do you know that the name you want has been obtained? To do this you simply go to any search engine and find the ‘domain registrar’ and click on one of the results. There is a tool on the domain registrar’s site that allows you to see if anyone is already using your name. And, if someone is already using your preferred domain, the domain registrar may suggest another similar name for your use, with a slight modification. A good domain name is one that people can easily remember – keep it as short as possible to your point and your business.


You can get a comprehensive list of names with different extensions in which you can choose a custom name by making a few tweaks to the end of your name. You may be familiar with extensions like ‘.com’ or ‘.co.uk’, but you may find that the other available extensions give you a better and proper domain name for your business. For example, nonprofit organizations often use ‘org’.

Likewise .site. app, .online, .xyz, .vip, .club. There are various extensions, etc. This also means that although a domain named ‘TastyBakery.com’ has been acquired, ‘TastyBakery.net’ is still available. Well, I’m sure by now you know well how to get a website’s domain name.

Home Page

Now let’s look at some other parts of the website like the home page. “Home page”

This is the first page people see after typing in your domain name and then goes to other pages on your website. Homepage The main hall of your online office, where all the office and office counters are visible, and the counter inside the office can be accessed – you can consider it the main hall of a major bank. Where people sit in the main hall waiting for their turn and they see all the counters reach all counters – the homepage of the website is also a place where you can find people on your web. Invite to the site and explain What is the heading of what is on your site. The homepage directs visitors to other pages of our website that we call ‘navigation’. Your navigation headings can run in the form of a strip at the top of a page, or a bar at the bottom of the page. In any case, this is a menu that gives people the gates and routes to travel from one part of the site to another.


Now, decide what kind of content you want to present, and then group it together in a way that makes sense – if you search, you’ll find lots of websites online. You will find tools for business websites that offer templates to help you get started. We simply start reading website pages. The pages and sections you visit on most websites such as ‘about’ and ‘contact’ pages. You can include your address, phone number, email and a map to guide your work to the contact page of your website.

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