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What is Digital Media?


Nowadays we hear, that is the era of technologies and digital marketing. But digital marketing, without digital media, is impossible. But what is this media? So today in this article we will tell you what is digital media?

Before we tell you all this, we ask you three questions. What do you think of these three questions? And think of their answers.

  • The first question is, if you watch a video sitting on YouTube, during this video if a famous clothing manufacturer starts to advertise, the question to you is, is that clothing company digital? How is your message delivered to you using media?
  • Then the second question is, if you are using a mobile phone, a ringtone rings on top of it, and you hear the call. Suddenly an SMS arrives at the top of the screen. The SMS message says that if you have AC in your home, we will provide you with AC service, and also repair it. And this is our mobile number. So the question is, is the AC maker using digital media, and getting its message out to you?
  • Then the third question is if you are using Facebook, you will see that you are watching about your friends or favorite cricket teams and suddenly a small ad pops up on your computer screen. And that could be advertising for any university. That this is the best university in the area, if you take admission here, the question is, if the university is spreading its message to you using digital media,

You have to think of the answer to all those questions,

Digital media is the answer to all these questions.

What is Digital Media?

‘Digital media include audio, video, photos that has been displayed on computer screen and can be shown to people digitally.’

The definition of digital media is simple, but it has three features that you need to understand. The first feature of digital media is,

  • Mass Reach
  • Interactivity
  • Social networking

Mass reach

Mass communication means that a company can deliver its message to millions of people with one click. Whether it’s through YouTube or through Facebook.


This means that the customer or audience is providing you with live feedback, right above your public content. That is, they are interacting with you.

Social Networking

Then comes social networking, which is a very interesting feature. This means that people can provide blogs as their passion. And build your community on the basis of your offerings. Now let us give you some examples of digital media, so that we can better understand what digital media is.


Social Media Platforms                               

Other companies can spread their message to other people using social media platforms. Which platforms now appear on this social media platform, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Websites are an example where any company can deliver its message to you. And the customer can see it, and the customer can communicate with them.


Then comes blogs, blogs that have a lot of interesting media outlets. Blogs are platforms in which people, customers or audiences, or any company, work at their base of offerings. As if you are passionate about photography, using different company blogs can convey your message.

Emails and SMS

Many companies send you newsletters or information through this. If you like what you do, then you respond. So all this stuff comes in digital media.

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