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What is real search engine optimization expert won’t tell you

You must have heard a lot about search engine optimization and many experts have been telling you a lot. But what is search engine optimization really is and how it can be handled better. How to draw your own conclusions. There are many expats about it that don’t tell the truth. I’ve talked to a lot of people whom I have sealed my services with. I am very surprised when they tell me about their old search engine optimization experiences. I wished that all the things that people told me would be a movement but I could not.

Knowing the opinions of people, you may remember Halloween stories, but the truth is that this story is even more dangerous. This lets you drive a lot of traffic to your website without paying. Whether it’s web designers, columnists, or marketers, everyone uses search engine optimization. Its primary purpose is to drive maximum traffic to your website.

After the people who have told me this story, I don’t feel any more scared of Halloween stories. Well, we leave those stories at another time and try to find out how search engine optimization can be done well and what will happen to it.

Today I’ll tell you one or two things about search engine optimization that experts don’t want you to know about. After learning this you can help yourself. If you learn and practice all of this, it can bring you a lot of traffic to your website. And you can increase your revenue as well.

Your results do not necessarily turn out to be the same as that of an experienced and years-old search engine optimization worker. But what I will say is that you are clearly seeing a difference in traffic after search engine optimization. You will clearly see the difference in your revenue after that it will be clear to you how important search engine optimization is. And you should spend it and learn with it yourself.

Remember that in this article we will not talk about technical things, but we will talk about the thick things that you can learn a lot, so if you want to know about technical things, Use other programs

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) is the optimization of your website’s layout, content and connections to increase it’s ranking within search engines. Each one serves a specific purpose:

When it comes to search engine optimization, this is one of the ways in which you improve your website design, optimize content and build links.

Because of this, traffic to the website gets higher and the website rank starts to improve.


There are many companies that sell more than one item on their websites. Now when it comes to search engine optimization.

So it is very difficult to optimize search engine optimization for each item and not everyone has any search engine optimization. So it is not possible to convince people to buy all the items at the same time۔So work hard on website design۔


After selecting the best design of the website it is turn of content. Try to use basic keywords related to what you’re making people aware of. The best keywords are ones that are related to the topic, are easy to do, and have little competition۔


Connections mean how many links you have to your website from other websites۔ Try to make sure that the link is of high quality and that any website does not endanger it. Sometimes the links you place on the site are considered spam۔So let’s avoid it۔

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