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What is SEO?

SEO refers to search engine optimization

And this is an online marketing technique that we can use to bring any word of our website to the top of search engine results. ”

What is the Keyword?

Here is an English word used “Keyword” it is called “word” in Urdu, and its combination is “words” whatever you type are “words.”

It would not be interesting for you to know that 75% of the website traffic comes from search engines, and SEO Exports can do any website SEO and add a “word” to top search engines. They also receive thousands and sometimes millions of rupees

What is meant by search engine?

Search Engines is a program that lets you search your specific keywords or documents in the web world.

You may know that every day you search for your favorite websites in Google, so there are many more search engines, but most of the website traffic comes from Google search engine.

What is website traffic?

When visiting one or more visitor’s website, it will be called website traffic, or you can say the words “visit” and “session” are used.

Why do we need SEO?

Whenever we create a website, where we have many things to take care of, the important thing is how to make this site more search engine friendly so that more web traffic is sent to your website. Learn, and SEO does the same.

One of the biggest benefits of learning and following SEO and SEO processes is that your anonymous website needs to look better in search engines, and when it does, obviously your web The traffic on the site will also increase and when the traffic increases, your website has proved to be a gold mine for you and the dollar making machine can say benefits.

In the SEO series today, we will first focus on using Google Webmaster Tools, why and how it can be used. Webmaster Tools lets you easily analyze how your web site or blog or webpage is performing in search engine results.

That is, a link to your site is a link that shows a page and what results when you search for a keyword or word on the search engine.

All kinds of websites in the world of the internet – business, educational, NGOs, blogs, as well as any website – have to resort to search engines to access visitors. For this purpose, Google The most commonly used search engine.

To let Google search engine know what new content has come to our site and add it to our database of search engines. Google Webmaster Tools is used for this purpose.

The latest changes to your website that are related to content under the Google Webmaster Tools automated system. Google keeps track of the search engine.

The link to your website’s content, the link is detailing how your site is displaying itself on Google search engine. They are internal or external to your site or links to your own site and links to other sites, such as other sites that have referred to your site. And also provides a link to your site.

۔Google Webmaster Tools helps you increase the traffic to your website. And tells you what keywords visitors have accessed on your website by searching Google search engine.

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