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Which Computers are Effective for Doing Marketing Online……History?

First-time computers: 1st Steps of Computers

Computer is a device, which is developing every new day, but the evolution of the computer can be Divide at different times. However, keep in mind that as far as computers are, they are just machine-free techniques. The following computer periods are useful for readers and beginners to gather an information treasure:

Advantages of earlier computers:

Vacuum Tubes used parts or machines that were readily available in those periods. Vacuum Tube Technology is the foundation for the invention of the latest digital computers.

Disadvantages of earlier computers:

All computers of that era were very large in size. Needless to say, these computers were so large that it was inevitable for them to use a separate plant. It used to be that the computers of that era could not be trusted completely. Where computers used to be.

Secondary computers: 2nd Steps of Computers

Calculated from 1955 to 1970. When Vacuum Tubes was replaced by Transistor. This means that now the second generation of computers has been born. During this period IBM, Univac-II, CDC-1604, and 486 computers came into being. Something smaller than the size of the first generation computers was working. And the result was better than before. And it could be trusted a little better.

Advantages of second-hand computers:

In terms of size, these computers were slightly smaller than before. However, it could be argued that its Result was quite good, and this difference distinguished computers from previous ones. Heat () used very little. The worries of a hardware failure or failure were relatively low. Businesses and businessmen tended to be more favorable.

Disadvantages of second-time computers:

The need for an air-conditioner was inevitable, but to say that without air-conditioning they would not be possible. These computers also had to go through the former check-in phase at all times and Keeping a check and balance was a necessary component.

Third round computers: 3rd Steps of Computers

Starting from 1971 to 1975. Initially, the annual test technology was introduced, which is why inter-grade and circuits are referred to as I.Cs (I.Cs are called electronic circuits, which are made up of numerous (not counting) transistors.), which are integrated into a small piece of Silicon. Third computers use solid test technology and I.Cs, while these computers are relatively reliable – faster and faster. Small in size.

Advantages of these computers:

Compared to previous computers, size was much smaller and cost less to repair and repair. Business, commercial production became much cheaper. Was an advantage to users? An added benefit was that computers of this era also reduced electricity costs.

Disadvantages of these computers:

There was a need for advanced technology to make I.C Chip. Air conditioner (AC) was an indispensable component for computers of this era.

Fourth-time computers: 4th Steps of Computers

The period from 1975 to 1980 is called the fourth era. In 1975 the I.Cs progressed so slowly that a large part of the computer was integrated into a small chip, commonly known as a microprocessor.

Advantages of these computers:

Size was much smaller than previous period computers, and the results were also quite reliable. It also produced very low temperatures because they were very small in size. The need for air conditioners was almost eliminated and also for the first time in that period. It had a lot of memory space. As it was smaller, it was easier to move in.

Disadvantages of these computers:

The most difficult technology used in computers of this era was the making of Micro Processor Chip. Now you can guess that the losses are slowly diminishing and the benefits are increasing.

Fifth-time computers: 5th Steps of Computers.

The five periods began in 1981 and are still underway. Until now a group of scientists from many countries have been working on computers of the fifth era, which operate purely on the basis of I.Q. Will decide accordingly. This was the computer’s still history. Now let’s wait for the remote computer.

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