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you should join an organization or start your own marketing business

The lesson about the greatness of hard work is that the student is taught right from the first grade, but the problem is actually in the society where these things are found only in books. The real question is, how much do the hard work counselors give to students who respect a worker? What do they look for in a leafy and plump person?

If we continue to speculate on this, such people will find patterns of contradiction, as well as the problem of young people who are destined for good and dignified jobs after higher education. It is true that man does hard work, but also try to assess how much you get paid for that labor.

The purpose of this writing is not to give up your business thinking and give priority to your business. The consumption of people in jobs is always limited, so in large population countries where there are problems like lack of proper employment opportunities for educated people, which can be said negatively, this is the most populous business point of view. This proves to be an essential and positive aspect.

Sometimes it comes as a surprise to young people who get beaten up for employment after obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

* How to start your own business?

* What industry do you do?

* How to get business experience?

* What is the relationship between our education and business?

* How to generate capital?

* If damaged?

  • Despite unemployment, our young people are afraid to try it in this field, considering it is a significant business risk. We try to answer these questions in simple terms; you don’t have to invest millions, billions to do business; it doesn’t even have to have business studies degrees. Also, if your education is reasonable, you can still do your business, and run it successfully.
  • First of all, not every business can do every job. The power has given us all some ability and ability. We can do the same thing very well; we do our best to do it. As a person who has excellent communication skills, he can become an outstanding marketing professional. You have to recognize your talent and match that talent with a job or business opportunity; there are many opportunities for your success.
  • There are generally two types of businesses in which you sell products, and in the other, you are offering or going to do a service, in which you will either sell a product, or you will have to be aware that whatever product or service you are about to sell, is it on demand? Demand is significant, and the buyer is substantial.
  • Good faith and honesty are fundamental to the success of the business. Buyers are a source of strength to you. Your negative behavior with this resource is like closing your door to self-destruction, which is your destruction. The effort will give the buyer the best product or service that suits his or her needs.
  • Get buyer’s trust and keep it up and it will come back and bring more buyers with you. Even if you get a little higher price, it doesn’t matter if you buy your product by hand. Examples of services can also be given.
  • The basic principle is honesty and hard work in your work. If you are a highly educated person in today’s advanced technology, it is not difficult to determine what skills or skills you have and how you can use them to serve others.
  • Before doing business, do your job in the same field or department if possible. You will learn a lot by doing some situation in this area. You will understand the business high, and the risk of loss will be minimized. Be thorough about the product you are selecting for the business. Create an appropriate business plan. Pick up the paper and calculate it, calculate the initial costs, sales and profits, how much to spend, and how much I can initially sell
  • One important thing is never to do business calculations. Give us accurate numbers. Balance transactions, do not compromise on calculations and entries.

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